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Fundamentals of GC -
Starts 5th July 2018.
4 video sessions - each session is between 1- 2 hours long.

This course takes a practical approach to teaching the fundamentals of gas chromatography (GC) in relation to your everyday laboratory life.

Examining each part of the GC process in a step wise manner; from the gas supply, to the inlet, column, and detector. We will discuss the theory, practicalities of the technique, and the instrumentation to give you a better understanding of each step, allowing you to optimize your method resulting in improved chromatography.

Finally, we will discuss common problems associated with GC, their causes and how to resolve these, giving you a practical troubleshooting knowledge that can be applied in your day to day work.

Course Delivery & Duration

  • 4 video sessions - each session is between 1- 2 hours long
  • Tutor supported with access to our chromatography experts
  • Supporting training material and downloadable pdf's
  • Course assessment with certificate

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Troubleshooting Sample Preparation
On demand webcast - 14th June 2018

Check out our 116-second introduction to this months CHROMacademy Essential Guide Webcast - Troubleshooting Sample Preparation

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HPLC and GC Troubleshooting Videos

Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography of mAbs and ADCs – Not Just Another Way of Performing Reversed Phase - Like Separations Live Webcast - Thursday 21st & 22nd June 2018

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Interactive HPLC Troubleshooter
Time limited free access to our Lite members. In 3 simple steps we can help you overcome your instrument, separation and quantitation issues

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HPLC and GC Troubleshooting Videos
HPLC and GC Troubleshooting Videos

HPLC Column Dimensions - Quick Guide

HPLC columns are manufactured in a variety of different internal diameter and length combinations, as well as having an assortment of particle sizes. 

HPLC column dimensions will affect the efficiency sensitivity, and speed of an analysis. The choice of column dimensions will depend on the chromatographic application; analytical, semi-preparative, preparative, number of analytes in the mixture etc.  However, the dimensions can also be altered to improve chromatography by achieving more efficient, sensitive, and faster analyses.  The primary column dimensions of particle size, length, and internal diameter will be discussed and their effect on chromatographic separations demonstrated, providing some practical insight into how to select the best column dimensions for a particular application...

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The Why, What, and How of Headspace GC

The first question to ask is, why would headspace GC be a good sampling technique?

Headspace sampling is excellent for the qualitative or quantitative analysis of volatile species in samples that can be efficiently partitioned into the headspace gas volume from either a liquid or solid matrix.  It is also a good technique for the analysis of samples where the entire sample should not be injected into the GC instrument (i.e. dirty samples).  Headspace sampling is also particularly amenable to the analysis of trace levels of analytes.  

Typical examples of headspace analyses include...

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HPLC and GC Troubleshooting Videos HPLC Troubleshooter »
Interactive HPLC troubleshooting tool
HPLC and GC Troubleshooting Videos GC Troubleshooter »
Interactive GC troubleshooting tool
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